About Jared

Hi!  I’m Jared Wilson – Husband, Father… Photographer.  I’ve won numerous awards for my work – but that’s not really what I want to tell you about.  What I really want you to know
is how much I love my family.  I’ve been happily married to Emily since 1999 and we have three beautiful children that simply light up our entire world.  Yeah, I’ve taken tons of photos
of them – and yeah, they’re kinda sick of it.  But these moments we have, and these memories we capture in a photograph, are so priceless.  It’s the yesterday we can’t get back, still
enjoyed tomorrow.  Like my son Philip’s first soccer goal, Cefas’s wonder at meeting R2-D2 face to face, or Rose’s first big stage performance in Seussical the Musical.  It’s these ‘big’
moments – and it’s the daily simplicities of life.  The dimpled smile, the lost tooth, the innocent beauty, the afro…  Oh how I wish these days would never end and I could hold onto them
forever!  And so I take some photos and hold on tight.  These moments are mine, and this joy will not fade.

So, yeah, I get it.  That’s why you’re here.  I can’t wait to meet you!